Coronavirus Emergency

  • Retro Football Club ® is regularly open and ships worldwide only through the online shop, the Alessandria shop is closed to the public in compliance with the DPCM issued by the Italian Government
  • The operational headquarters is completely safe, the rooms are compliant with all health directives and checked daily, only one operator, the owner, is at work to guarantee the service as usual and to avoid unnecessary exposure to staff
  • The goods are stored and leave directly from our warehouse, the shipping service is internal and is not processed by external logistics companies or marketplaces; in any case the products are not a vehicle of contagion but are still treated with a special disinfectant product for textiles. The original packaging of the products are not opened except to customize the shirts with numbers and/or names
  • Delivery is expected without the customer’s signature in order to avoid any contact with the carrier, the shipping companies have equipped all their staff with protective material to protect the health of their operators, recipients and our company
  • Standard free shipping (optional at your choice) for all orders over € 150 in the European Union, € 200 in Europe outside the EU, € 250 in the rest of the world
  • For emergencies we recommend express delivery, given the emergency, express shipping is highly recommended as it is the only one that respects delivery times without problems, with exceptions
  • Contact us for more information

In this difficult time for everyone we do not want to be banal and rhetorical, we only hope that everything will be solved as soon as possible and we consider ourselves very lucky being able to remain open and continue to work, certainly with many organizational difficulties but in good health and continuing to receive many orders despite our products it is understandable that they can overshadow the comparison with other needs due to the emergency. We hope to be able to satisfy our customers in the best way, as usual, and we ask for understanding for any delay due to force majeure. We want to express our solidarity with all the families and friends of too many victims, we hope that those who are struggling at home in quarantine or in intensive care can return to a normal life soon; we want to thank the citizens who are respecting the isolation, all the security forces and above all the hospital operators for the unforgettable effort they are making for all of us. Finally, we thank you all for continuing to support Retro Football Club ® from all corners of the world, stay healthy!

Retro Football Club ® Undefeated since 2008